DIY Bath Bombs

Unbeknownst to me, my honey likes to use bath bombs.  A fact that I learned when we went shopping for some Christmas presents for church.  Finding out that it costs $5-7 per bath bomb, I thought it would be a great little DIY project for Valentine’s Day.  😀



I looked online and there are tons of recipes for DIY bath bombs.  I initially wasn’t going to purchase citric acid but I read citric acid is what makes it bubble.  Considering I got a fairly big bag for $12 on Amazon, I thought it would be worth it especially if it turns out well and I make some again in the future.  eHow shows you how to make bath bombs without citric acid if you’re curious.

As Sudsy Science explains, cornstarch acts as a filler so the bath bombs does not dissolve too quickly and the baking soda is used to mix with the citric acid to create the chemical reaction of bubbles.  So some people may suggest that baking soda or cornstarch shouldn’t be used but I did.  Because I’m a rebel…lol.

Initially, I wasn’t going to list “my recipe” but I figured why not.  Some people may just want to know and not have to go to another website.  Remember, none of these ingredients need to be precise… as long as you have the basic ingredients in there, it will work.  So if you’re 1/4 cup short of cornstarch, I wouldn’t worry about it… it just means that it will dissolve faster.

Some people suggest food coloring but then I read one website that it might stain your bathtub.  And since I’m lazy and didn’t want to research any further, I thought white bathbombs with decorations would be just as cute for Valentine’s Day.  (I may research this later but if you know the answer, let me know please.)

I’ve seen DIY bath bombs with glitter or some other type of decorations and although it’s cute, I didn’t want to rinse out the bathtub after you just spent time relaxing! So instead, I decided to purchase bath confetti that’s made of heart shapes.  Hehehe.

And what’s a bath bomb without a relaxing scent?  I purchased Relaxatio Synergy Blend Essential Oil by Edens Garden.  It has lavendar, majoram, patchouli, mandarin, geranium, and chamomile.  I just bought it based on the fact that it sounded relaxing…lol.

Just remember that I live in Washington state so it’s pretty humid up here.  Your humidity may affect how much liquid you put in your recipe.  Without further ado… here is my recipe:

2 cups baking soda ($1)

1 cup citric acid ($12 for 2 lb)

1 cup cornstarch ($2)

1 cup epsom salt ($2)

2 tsp water

3 tsp olive oil ($5)

2 tsp or 10 mL of essential oil ($5 for 10 mL)

decoration (in my case, bath confetti) ($9 for 2 fistful…it was alot)

mold (I just used a cupcake mold)

1.. Basically, you combine all the dry ingredients (the first 4 ingredients) in a bowl.  They suggest metal or glass since plastic bowls will retain the smell and your food will taste like it later.  It might be easier to use a whisk but make sure you do it outside because there will be a fine cloud of “dust” all over.

2.. Then, combine all the liquid ingredients (next 3 ingredients) in a small bowl.

3.. As you stir the dry ingredients, use your teaspoon and slowly pour the liquid into it.  I didn’t think it would ever get wet enough but it soon did.  They suggest that it should be the consistency of wet sand.  But just like a barely wet sand, not thoroughly wet sand.

You can see in the pictures below that my friend thought it was good to go when she could fist it in her hand and it pretty much stayed in shape.  She also used the spatula, pressed the mixture into it, and it held up when you touched it.  It didn’t break away.

**Tip: Make this with your friend.  My friend continued to stir the dry ingredients while I poured the wet ingredients.

**Tip 2: Don’t just pour the liquid from the bowl into the mixture because the flow will still be too quick and may start bubbling your mixture.  Use the teaspoon.

4.. Then put your decoration in the mold and fill up your mold with the mixture.  Make sure you pack it in really tight like a rock.  We were hesitant to pack it so tight because we didn’t know how it would come out but it slid out just fine.

Then we let it sit for 20 minutes or so to set while we worked on the edible matchsticks.

5.. Once we thought it had set, we put a tray on top and flipped it over.  It came out without any tapping or any pressure.  **Some people suggested putting oil on the sides of the molds to help it come out but we forgot and it ended up that it didn’t matter at all.

6.. Finally, just wrap your bath bombs and give it to your honey.  I purchased a wide mouth mason jar at Joanne’s for $6.

Cost breakdown for me:

Although I listed the price above, most of the stuff I already had in the kitchen so I’m not adding that to the cost.  The citric acid could be used another 4-5 times so that’s about $2 per use.  Epsom salt can be used another 4-5 times so that’s about $0.40 per use.  Essential oil was the most expensive since I used the whole bottle at $5.  There are tons of decorations leftover so I’ll say $1 (now I’m wondering if Dollar Store would have something like it…?)  So basically for 12 bath bombs, it cost me about $8.50 cents or $0.70 per each bath bomb.



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