DIY Valentine Edible Matchsticks

Couple of weeks ago, I posted 14 Days of Valentine (Snacks) and one of the item was edible matchsticks.



I finally had a chance to make them this past weekend and the final product is pictured above.

I found the instructions on The 36th Avenue website.  As she said, it is fairly easy to do.

Basically, you just melt red candy melt (sold in stores like Michael’s or Walmart baking/craft section) in the microwave, Swirl the pretzel around in the candy melt to get the it however big you want and lay it somewhere to dry.  I didn’t want a flat edge by laying it on a flat service so I just used the cupcake pan’s edges to lay my “matchsticks” on it to dry since I had just finished making my DIY bath bombs.  Since the candy melts do dry fairly quickly (about 10-20 seconds), you could just hold them or use Styrofoam (Dollar store!) to hold them in place (I would recommend you “pre-hole” them in the Styrofoam so you don’t break your pretzels.)  I had to buy the “big” matchstick box so the pretzels would fit but considering they were only $2.50 for 2 big boxes, I thought it was reasonable.  (My friend burns matches after a “stinky” session in the bathroom so I just gave the matches to her.)  If you make these matchsticks for your honey, let me know how it turned out or if you have any questions.

Update 2/16/2016: Make sure you place them in a Ziploc bag or container to make sure they don’t go stale.  You are benefiting from my honey’s experience.  lol.


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