No-Tie Elastic Laces

I have a pair of casual shoes that I love.  Yes, they are pink and it’s my least favorite color.  But I really love them because they are so comfortable.



Then, I had a revelation this morning.  Another reason that I love them is because I don’t have to tie them!  No traditional shoe laces.  So what did I do?  Googled it, of course!

Quickly, I found a blog where she shows a simple DIY elastic shoe lace.  I like it because it’s simple and you can buy the elastic anywhere.  Granted I don’t have a sewing machine but I’m sure it will work fine with safety pins, just sewing the ends by hand, or tying it at the top and tucking it under the laces.  So for my tennis shoes that I just wear to go to the gym, I’m going to replace my laces with elastic ones.  Of course, if you plan on running or a more vigorous exercise where the shoes may come off, you may want to continue to use the traditional tie laces, lock laces, or curly shoe laces.  I’m sure there are tons of other options out there.

So have fun while I show you how I did it without the sewing machine and how it turned out.  🙂

  1. I bought my elastic from Walmart.  It’s located in the craft aisle where they sell buttons, velcro, etc.  I used 1/4″ wide braided elastic.  Walmart only sold it in white but for $1.74, I didn’t want to price shop online and wait for color ones.  (This one package of 3 yards was only good for one pair of tennis shoes.)


2. I used the old shoe laces to measure out the length of the elastic.




3. Then I laced up my shoes like normal.  I debated sewing a little knot where you would tie the bow but it doesn’t seem like it would come undone.  Also, I think it would look more like tennis shoes if there is a bow.  If the bow does come undone, I’ll probably sew it so I don’t have to mess with it any more.  (Also, until you are sure of the “tightness” you probably don’t want a “permanent” tie on the elastic.  When I tried them on 5 minutes later, it was a bit tight for my comfort.  Since I didn’t sew it, I just had to simply loosen the laces.)




Hope you have fun with your DIY project.  Also, if you’re pregnant, this is a great alternative to not having to bend over to put your shoes with ties on.  Just sit down, put one foot on top of your other knee, and slip it on.  Easy-peasy!  Did you DIY this?  How did it turn out for you?


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