Remove candle from jar

This past weekend, I finally decided to tackle one of my items from my to do list… cleaning the candle from the votive candle holder we used at the wedding.  If you google it, there are various ways to get the candle out but the method that I used is the boiling water method.


You can see how I used the votive candles at the wedding.  Before the ceremony started, I read online that if you put a teaspoon of water in the candle holder, it creates a barrier when the candle melts.  Then, you can just pop it out.  Well, I tried it and after the wedding, I looked and it seemed like it didn’t work.  See image below.  See, how it looks like the wax is melted to the candle holder…


Fast forward to 2.5 months later when I finally decided to tackle the project and what do you know….?  The teaspoon of water did work!  But since the water sat in the candle holder for couple of months, the wick rusted.  The picture below is the bottom of the votive candle.  You can see that the water kept the bottom of the candle from sticking to the holder but we didn’t put enough water in it so the top half still stuck to the candle holder.


This caused the bottom of the candle holder to dye the rust onto the candle holder.  But first thing first, in my research, I’ve found 3 ways to remove the wax from the candle holder/jar:

  1. Boil water and dip the jar into the hot water (but not submerged) until the wax melts and wipe it out
  2. Boil water and put some of the water into the holder/jar, wait until the wax melts a little, pop out the wax
  3. Freeze the candle for several hours, supposedly the candle should shrink from the cold, and you can pop it out

I used the method #2.  I’m not sure how this method will work with bigger candles (as far as “popping” it out).  I boiled some water in my kettle and poured some water into the candle holder.  I waited about 5-10 minutes… water was warm but not hot.  Then I drained as much water as I could from the candle holder, flipped it upside down, and hit it against my hand until it “popped” out.  It really was as simple as that.

If I saw any wax floating on top, I used paper towel to swipe it gently out of the candle holder.  You want to make sure you don’t dump the water into sink if it has wax in it.  The wax will cling to the pipe and harden onto it.

So after popping out the candle and cleaning the candle holder as much as I can, there was a bit of rust stain on the candle holder.

Votive candles (2).jpg

Here are the takeaways from my project:

  1. Put boiling/hot water into the candle holder and pop out the wax
  2. Use paper towel to sweep out the melted wax from the top of the water
  3. Put some water into an unlit candle holder and you can just pop out the candle afterwards.

Let me know if you used this tip and if it helped you.  Or let us know your trick.  🙂


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