Here’s to 2016!

It’s funny now reading my older posts.  It didn’t really reflect my life now so I deleted all of them but the very first one.  I wanted you to able to see what my goals were before to how it compares to my life now.

Project Sonya is still a journey into a better me… exercise, cooking/recipes/nutrition, DIY, self (projects or realizations), being a better spouse/mom/self/Christian…and other misc things that come across my way.

Since my first blog (as you probably noticed), I met a wonderful guy and we got married.  Then I became pregnant.  Needless to say, my life has seriously gone through some changes and it’s not done yet.  Here were my previous goals and my current thoughts on them:

1. Food Prep: My previous goals was to prep my food every Sundays.  My husband is vegan so I try to support him as much as I can by cooking at home.  Originally, he cooked but it would be the same way each time… either with spices, spaghetti sauce, or lime.  It can get kind of boring after eating that way day in and day out.  So recently, I’ve decided to cook few times a week to vary up our taste buds.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to cook couple meals on Sundays and then one or two quick recipes during the week.

2. Eat 5 times a day.  My previous goal was to eat five times a day.  Being 16 weeks pregnant, I’ve realized that I usually get hungry about the same time:

a. Breakfast: Usually when I first arrive to work, I’ll eat some steel cut oatmeal (1/3c dry).

b. Lunch: Between 12-1pm. Leftover dinner or takeout.

c. Snack: This is where I get into trouble.  I usually snack ok but it’s definitely not the healthiest.

d. Dinner: We used to go out to eat couple times a week and I’ve realized that’s usually when we have nothing to eat at home.  So I’m going to try to eat at home more often and just go out to eat dinner couple times a month.

3. Weight Exercises: Previous goal of lifting heavy (5 sets of 8 reps).  Since I’m 16 weeks pregnant, I can’t lift as heavy as I want to.  But I do want to concentrate on lifting weights again because I have noticed that I’ve lost couple inches of muscle on my thighs and my glutes has gotten smaller (eeek!).  Then I read the article below about eccentric training and it totally makes sense.  I can still lift!  Yea~!

Build muscle using eccentric lift

Then I was doing some research into workouts and I found a workout to help me with my dwindling behind problem.  The program is called “Flat to All That” by Jamie Eason which I’ll be starting today.  If you  haven’t heard of her, you should google her.  I think she’s pretty awesome and very motivational.  Here’s her 12 week workout if you want to follow along (just scroll down a little and you’ll see the workout):

From Flat to All That Workouts

**Full disclosure: I haven’t been to the gym in a consistent basis since probably spring.

4.       Cardio Exercises: Previous goal was just walking.  Now I’ll be (hopefully) doing cardio on weekends at my apartment gym.

5.       Abs: Previously, my goals were P90X Abs (MWF) or planks and vacuums (THS). Now that I’m pregnant, I’ll be doing planks on my knees and vacuums.

6.       Sleep: Previous and current goals are to get as much sleep as possible.  Being pregnant, sleep is always my number 1 priority.

7.       Water: Previous and current goals is still to drink as much water as possible.

8.       Counting calories: Previous and current goals is not to count calories although I do weigh myself every morning.

9.       Eating out: Previous and current goal is to limit it.

10.   Social activities: Previous goal was to do physical activity with friends but being so cold in December, eating out or coffee is usually the choice.

In case you’re wondering, I’m 64″, 132 lbs (before pregnancy), 135 lbs (current, 16 weeks pregnant), Korean American, married, Christian, work full time as a safety/quality control manager… ask me anything else you want to know.  🙂


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