So what is Project Sonya all about?  My journey into a better me.  I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a while and have finally started researched into blogs.  People say that blogs should have a purpose and it should have a specific topic.  Well, there’s many aspects to Sonya and I couldn’t decide on one subject.  So I am going to initially blog about my physical well-being…that is, my nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.  So with no further ado…

Around July 2013, I was able to start seeing my weight drop off and start seeing results.  Yea~!  But then I met my great friend (we’ll call her) Gleeful to help her look for a place.  Well, Gleeful and I both LOVE food and anytime we meet, our activities are scheduled around food.  Now THAT is a hard habit to break!  So needless to say, we met… and down went my healthy eating.  The next couple days were filled with very yummy food and some good times.  However, I didn’t stop at couple days of bad food, I slowly reintroduced bad food into my diet until I was totally eating it nonstop.  It’s gotten so bad that the night I made cupcakes, I tasted the frosting and could not taste the sugar.  My expanding waistline didn’t seem to kick me into gear but…wow!  Can’t taste the sugar in frosting!  Really!  So then, it’s back to eating healthy again…once my trip is over.  LOL.

So will I be eating out and enjoying myself during my trip definitely.  But I also decided to lay the groundwork for when I do get back to WA.  So this will probably all change as time goes by but here are few of my thoughts and goals for when I get back.

  1. Food Prep: I’ve noticed that I need to prep my meals on Sundays.  Whenever I try to prep it on Mondays, Tuesdays, etc, I eat the “bad” foods and totally lose the motivation to eat healthy.  So in order to help me eat healthy throughout the week, I will be using the Clean Eating recipes from 5dinnersin1hour.  But instead of prepping the food Sundays and cooking the food every night, I will do all the prepping and cooking on Sundays.  Then I will portion it out for lunch and dinner.  This leaves me Saturday and Sunday free (2 lunches and 2 dinners) to eat “whatever” I want.  I will probably eat out couple of those times and the other couple times, I will probably just make tilapia since I like to make it “fresh”.

**On a side note, my lazy days tend to be Friday nights.  I don’t know how it happened that way…maybe because at the end of the work week, I just want to relax and do nothing.  But I think it makes better sense if I do my food prep on Sundays and rest that night.  After all, Sundays are supposed to be a day of no work, right?  ;)**

2. Eat 5 times a day.  Most people think they have to exercise to lose weight but that is not the case.  I have successfully lost weight just by eating healthy but I prefer to work out because it gives shape to your body.  So if you’re wanting to lose weight, I suggest you get your nutrition right and get enough sleep.

a.       Protein shake after the gym
b.      Breakfast once I get to work
c.       ½ green smoothie and fruit
d.      Lunch
e.      ½ green smoothie and snack (nuts, cheese, etc.)
f.        Dinner (mostly protein)

  1. Weight Exercises: I’m not sure what my metabolism is with my constant yo-yo dieting but once I get back my heart rate monitor, I’m going to see what my 24 hour calorie burn is.  Earlier this year, it was about 1900 calories so I’m thinking it might be lower now.  In order to combat the possible lower caloric burn, I am going to lift heavy (as always) but do 5 sets of 8 reps of my exercises.  This will hopefully help me gain some lean muscle to increase my metabolic rate.

**Did you know 1 pound of lean muscle burns 50 extra calories a day?  That means by gaining one pound of muscle, I can lose a pound of fat without doing anything else.**

By gaining muscle, I gain some shape to my body like building those glutes.  😀  So if I just lose weight and don’t gain any muscle, my butt will still be flabby and flat, just smaller.  No one wants that!

4.       Cardio Exercises: This also means that I should not do any cardio so that I don’t lose the muscle that I’m trying to build.  This will be very hard since I’ve always done some sort of cardio since I started my workout routine few years ago.  So there will be no more speed walking but strolls instead.

5.       Abs: It is true that abs are made in the kitchen.  Meaning you need to be at a certain body fat % before you can get the progress you want in your abs.  Although I’m not looking to get a 6 pack, I would like a nicely toned stomach.  They say you shouldn’t do abs exercises everyday but you can do planks or stomach vacuums every day.  So in order to tighten up my stomach (remember, not to lose belly fat…that’s nutrition), I am planning on doing P90X Abs (MWF) or planks and vacuums (THS).  Sundays will be my rest days.

6.       Sleep: Maybe it’s my laziness but I like my sleep.  Sleep is also important to losing weight because that’s when your body repairs itself.  So my goal is to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.  That means I have to say no to “late” weekday night hang outs so I can get the 7 hours and get up early enough to go to the gym.  And that also means waking up early as heck on weekends.  That totally sucks!  But I will sleep in couple hours on weekends if I feel the need for it but no more sleeping in until 9am or whatever.  Sigh….

7.       Water: You hear people talk about water all the time.  I can’t drink water all the time.  If I drink too much water too fast, I want to throw up.  So instead of focusing on drinking a gallon of water a day, I will be drinking water, Korean tea, Kombucha, or some other non-soda beverage and I will gauge my hydration level by my bathroom use.

8.       Counting calories: I have decided that I will not be counting calories.  I will log my calories for the first day to see how my calorie range and macros break down but other than the first day….not doing it.  I find the counting calories makes me too focused on the numbers rather than my body.  And some days, I will be eating out and eat “not healthy” stuff like chicken teriyaki or lamb curry.  I want to be sure to enjoy those foods without having a guilt trip. Which brings me to…

9.       Eating out: So I’ve noticed that I tend to do well if I’m at home or eating at my office.  However, when I go out to eat is a problem.  So I will try to limit eating out as much as possible.  And if I do eat out, I will try to box up half the food and eat that at a later time.  Or better yet, share a meal with someone if possible.  But if I want to eat the whole order at once, I’m okay with that because this is a lifetime thing, not just for few months.  I’m also going to refrain from eating appetizers or desserts.  If someone orders it, then I may partake but I’m not going to order it.

10.   Social activities: So typically hanging out with friends usually happens during meal times.  I’m not sure how our society ever developed this social habit but I am going to try and break it.  My attempt will be to do some sort of physical activity with them instead such as walking, watching movies, etc.  But if it ends up that we hang out during meal times, oh well…lol

Wow, now that I’ve typed all this, I wonder if I’m setting myself up for failure for writing all these “goals”.  Well, I’m not going to expect perfection because that’s where people get into guilt trips and binge.  I will have days where I eat out and eat “bad” food, I will have days when I don’t exercise, I will have days when I don’t get enough sleep but I’m hoping to minimize that to the least amount.  And this will all be hard initially but it’s all about priorities right?

My first priority is to go on a sugar detox.  This means taking some herbal remedies and not eating any types of artificial sugar for at least a week.  I’m aiming to do it for at least one week but hopefully two weeks.  Last time, I went on a sugar detox, my body was going on big withdrawals.  So this time, I’m not planning on anything strenuous like the speed walking but we shall see how it goes.

So are you starting on a challenge?  Have you been waiting for someone to kick you into gear?  Well, what are you waiting for?  See how long you can last with me in my 8 week challenge.  😉


3 thoughts on “Goals…

  1. Dan Moffett says:

    It takes lots of courage to be this open. Along with all the good process information, I’m interested to see a description of the “destinations” you think you will be at on this journey.

    • Hmmm…I’m not quite sure if there is a destination. This will be more like a journey with detours here and there. Every time I think I’m aiming for a certain destination, I get distracted by a shiny object. lol. But if there had to be a “destination”, I guess the first destination will be 11/8/2013 when I’m hoping to gain about 2-5 pounds of lean muscle.

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