DIY Crib skirt (no sew)

This past weekend, I decided to get over my procrastination and start on one of my DIY projects for the nursery.  Originally, I was going to sew the hems but considering I still need to learn how to sew on a machine, I decided to do the no sew method.  If you google “DIY no sew crib skirt” you will get plenty of hits so I took bits and pieces of couple of website instructions to create my own skirt.

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DIY Bath Bombs

Unbeknownst to me, my honey likes to use bath bombs.  A fact that I learned when we went shopping for some Christmas presents for church.  Finding out that it costs $5-7 per bath bomb, I thought it would be a great little DIY project for Valentine’s Day.  😀



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Burst of exercise (HIIT) at work

tabata1TGIF!  To be completely frank about my fitness regime, it has been pretty non-existent.  I could blame it on the pregnancy but it’s not true.  I’m just plain lazy and full of excuses.  😱  Initially, I thought I would do a gym workout in the mornings to get my butt in shape (literally) but I always came up with excuses… “I didn’t sleep very well”, “I’m tired”, I can “cuddle” with my honey, etc… and let’s not mention after work.

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14 Days of Valentine (Snacks)

valentines-dayValentine’s Day is just around the corner (or so it feels like to me…lol) and I was looking around for cute ways to celebrate it with my honey.

Initially, I found examples from Dating Divas where you give a treat everyday for 14 days with a cute note.  Then, I found other examples from Carie’s Craft Corner.  And one with chips from My 3 Monsters. But none of them had templates that I could change which I did not like since my Valentine doesn’t eat all of those snacks.  So what did I do?  Create my own template of course!

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Pregnancy Checklist

10a5c9290fdb37d49fe7596eae83301dDisclaimer: This is a long post.

Anyone that knows me knows that I research the crap out of everything.  Pregnancy is no exception.  When we first found out that we were pregnant, I spent hours and days just looking up stuff…. One web page would peak my interest in several other subjects and hyperlinks and there went my day.

I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and I started trying to think of everything that I needed to get done before the baby got here.  So what did I do?  Googled “Pregnancy checklist (or To do list)”.  Of course, I couldn’t find one list that had everything I wanted or it had way more check off items than I thought was necessary.  So I created my own list based off the several websites like,,, etc.  I took out what I didn’t need and put what I thought made sense.  Attached is my basic list (as of 1/5/2016). Continue reading